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Hello, I'm Candice...

Hello, I'm Candice



A heart-centered entrepreneur, self worth advocate & empowerment coach, brand marketing strategist, wife, mama, and a passionate optimist who navigates the world with an insatiable desire to love, learn, grow, and serve.   For as long as I can remember, I’ve thrived on connection to my sense of self, my relationships with others, and have been incredibly curious about our human potential.  I am beyond excited to share my passion and experience in personal development, spiritual growth, communications and marketing to empower and guide you to access your self worth, step into your power, turn your greatest challenges into your most counted blessings and

ignite your life and business.  


My ability to navigate from a place of love and compassion not only to myself but to all those around me is a rare superpower and I’m here to share it with you. 


Instilled in me from my Mama since day one is an all knowing belief in myself and appreciation for who I am.   I was the apple of her eye, we were the best of friends and no one more proud of me than Stacy was.  She taught me to love myself and all those around me with my whole heart.   She encouraged me to believe in myself,  taught me to celebrate everyday like it day was my birthday and truly believed there was nothing I couldn’t do.  "you're worth it,", "dream big," "never settle," and "life is not a dress rehearsal" were things she often said to me.  And every time I said I love you, she said I love you more! I am here for you today, because of all the incredible ways she was there for me. 


After 20+ years of experience in communication and marketing, a degree from UC Berkeley, and a lifelong relentless passion for personal and spiritual growth I realized my prestigious positions at powerhouse agencies driving campaigns for some of the largest brands and recording artists in the world looked great on paper but was far from feeding my soul.  From the outside, I was living the dream, yet the truth was I was playing small, not listening to my gut and time and time again I was telling myself that wearing my heart on my sleeve had no place in business.  Yes, I was traveling the world, had plenty of status and security, but sadly felt empty inside.  I was impressed with my "success" until I realized I was immersed in a toxic environment and culture that had me doing emergency headstands in my corner office, which was far from encouraging and sadly motivated by fear.  After far too many years of trepidation, a miscarriage, and an outer body meditation experience where I heard a voice guiding me to “wellness” I listened to my soul calling and took the road less traveled in search of a deeper more meaningful existence. 


Once I made the decision to listen to my heart, things started to reveal themselves.  The first stop on my new path was my 200-hour yoga teacher training that truly allowed me to dive into my life, both on and off the mat.  I was named Anahata Rishi (Heart Seer) by my classmates and started to step into and celebrate the true power of my heart center.  I began to realize contrary to the lack of my work-life balance, I had been hearing my inner voice my whole life and it had never steered me wrong.   From this place I co-founded Birds Of A Feather, a wellness collective created to encourage mindful living, collaborate with people who inspire growth and curate meaningful experiences.  Since then I have leveraged many moons of strategic marketing expertise and a passion for all things Wellness to elevate awareness, connect with key partners & media, and create community with mindful, passionate humans.


I then found myself on a 5 year fertility journey that opened me up to be more receptive, proved to me that age is just a number and that I was stronger than I was giving myself credit for.  To say we were blessed with the birth of our baby girl Chloe is an understatement and I gave birth at the ripe age of 46.   I have never experienced a greater, sweeter love.  When she was born the cycle of life became omnipresent and I  savored every moment as at the same time my Mom became very ill.  When my daughter was just 8 months old my life was again forever changed as after a valiant battle for her life, I lost my Mom to lung cancer .  After her passing, the incredible gift of motherhood took on a whole new meaning.  Something inside of me died, yet something beautiful was awakened.  I could suddenly feel my Mom every time I embraced my daughter and I realized that the greatest gift she ever gave me was my self worth and that needed to be celebrated and shared not only with my daughter but with the world.  And so my commitment to love myself as fully as Stacy loved me,  to lead by example and to dedicate my life to supporting you on your own journey to Love YOU More was born!

My biggest challenges have become my teachers and most counted blessings and yours can be too! 


My deep yearning for human connection and empathic love for all those around me continues to evolve.  I now know that wearing my heart on my sleeve is a badge of honor and I proudly bring it with me front and center into every personal and business relationship I have.    I believe that there is a place in this world where accepting and loving your whole self drives how we interact and engage with every aspect of our life.  I live it and you can too.  No matter what your Dreams are or what is holding you back from realizing them, you have the potential to transform your life and contribute to changing our world. 

One of the greatest compliments I've ever been given is when I fall, I fall up... and this can become your story too.


Through deep emotional and spiritual work, my Yoga & meditation practice, trainings and certifications and my 30+ years of business experience, I have been blessed to study with some of the world’s leading practitioners in Psychology, Coaching, Self Development, Yoga & Meditation and continue to explore what is possible mentally, physically and spiritually.  My background draws from a deep well of corporate, entrepreneurial and life experience, trial and error, success and failure, it’s been ugly and it’s been glorious.    What was once a struggle and tumultuous relationship with my body and food is now a sense of peace and empowerment, being in the right place with myself to find the true love and marriage I deserve and having a baby at 46 has shown me that my dreams can become a reality, that it's never too late to go after what you want in life and that everything truly happens for a reason.  I have reinvented my career--twice,  no longer look outside of myself to define success,  continue to evolve, and nurture my commitment to myself and all those around me. 


It has taken me several decades to get here and the journey has been humbling to say the least but alas, I’m exactly where I need to be and here for you!   


Doing this work is a daily practice, it's challenging, sometimes scary but nourishing.  Learning to navigate from a place of love as opposed to fear has been one of the most difficult and most impactful lessons in my life. 


Whether you’re here to live with more compassion for yourself, break through your limiting beliefs, or put your company on the map,

I can serve you. 


My commitment is to share my wisdom from where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, how I too continue to evolve and teach you how to navigate from the most powerful place in the world, your heart center.  I hope this is just the beginning of our connection and look forward to supporting you on your quest to live a more compassionate, expansive and meaningful life. 



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