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Since it’s opening in 2017, Mystic Journey Crystals has become one of the most talked about conscious curators of luxury crystals, geodes, and natural art worldwide.  Mystic Journey Crystals’ mission is to share the wisdom and healing properties of the earth with the world.  Founded by Jeffrey Segal, who has been greatly impacted by the power of his own healing journey, he has dedicated his life to giving others access to the very things that have helped him access health, happiness, connection and purpose. He now helps thousands of people each year transform their lives and energize their space by placing these one-of-a-kind functional pieces of natural art in their homes, workplace and gardens.  The gallery is located in the heart of Santa Monica, California and in addition to housing some of the finest crystals and art it has become the premier venue for sound healings, meditation and yoga which keeps the space and crystals consistently cleared, charged and replenished with high vibrational energy, intensions and people. The Mystic Journey Collection is also available for sale through their online marketplace, which ships worldwide.

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